I studied MASS COMMUNICATION and Film BUT somewhere along that desire to tell stories I fell in love with making games and all things 3d.


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A Futuristic Haven: Where Technology and Home Blend Seamlessly

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For this captivating miniature living room project, I began with envisioning the interior of a computer tower as a living space that harnesses heat and cooling from its components and fans. Drawing inspiration from the sustainable principles of Earthhomes, I reinvented this concept with a unique twist.

Stepping inside, you are immediately enveloped in a striking sense of high-tech allure. The presence of mosfets, chips, fans, and LEDs casts an ambiance that seamlessly combines the futuristic with a touch of very familiar.

Amidst the intricate wiring, RAM, SSDs, and other computer essentials, you'll find familiar yet futuristically designed furniture pieces that make this space truly one-of-a-kind. Positioned gracefully on a soft yellow area rug, a spacious suede green couch beckons with its inviting charm. The rug itself features an abstract illustration—a black man gazing upwards, adorned in a striped yellow, red, and black t-shirt. Adjacent to the couch, a peg serves as a multifunctional bench table, hosting vases, a catch-all tray, carefully arranged plants, and even a speaker.

On the other side of the room, positioned at the edge of the rug, a modest TV stand carries a flat-screen TV, accompanied by a soundbar and an Xbox console. A glass coffee table sits at the center of the rug, elegantly bridging the gap between the couch and the entertainment area.

I infused a unique touch of creativity by repurposing a computer part as a table. Two vintage brown JBL speakers, adorned with vibrant orange front covers, flank the table, while a Technics record player finds its place between them. This arrangement not only adds a hint of nostalgia but also infuses the room with purpose.

Despite resting on visible computer chips, the living room exudes a genuine sense of comfort and homeliness. in one corner, two stacked boxes and a tungsten lamp placed on top, casting a warm and inviting glow. The GPU chip, positioned above the peg table, showcases a small heatsink, accompanied by a myriad of other chips and silicon components that envelop the space from top to bottom, remarkably contributing to its cozy ambiance.

In this mesmerizing fusion of technology and home, I aimed to strike a delicate balance between cutting-edge innovation and the comfort of a welcoming abode. This miniature living room captivates with its futuristic charm, offering a truly unique and unforgettable experience.

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When I was approached by the artist to create the album artwork and promotional illustrations for their EP project, I was excited to collaborate with someone I had worked closely with for several years. The artist had a specific vision in mind and provided me with reference images to guide the design process.

For the album artwork, the artist wanted an image of a fossilized SD card encased in a jagged crystal. This was a unique concept that required me to create a material that resembled a crystal in Blender, a 3D modeling software. Initially, I thought I could achieve the effect by emulating glass, but it turned out to be more complex than anticipated. Thankfully, I found helpful tutorials and resources within the Blender community on YouTube, which guided me in creating the crystal texture.

I designed the crystal in two distinct colors. The first color was a dirty gem tone with light hints of purple. This choice was inspired by the artist's Zimbabwean background, where crystals of this color are readily found. By incorporating this color palette, I aimed to create a connection between the artwork and the artist's personal background. In accordance with the artist's vision, I also created an icey blue gem.

Since the EP revolves around the story of a time traveler, I framed the moments of the time traveler entering and leaving different worlds. In one of the illustrations, I portrayed two frustrated time travelers standing and sitting on a floating rug, seemingly lost and searching for direction. In This scene I wanted to convey a sense of confusion and disorientation to emphasize the challenges faced by the characters during their time-traveling journeys.

The second scene I designed was simpler, featuring three floating figures of the time traveler. Each figure was depicted in a different pose: falling, holding on, and climbing. The figures floated in space against a black background, expertly lit by an HDRI sky dome and a sun lamp set to mid-afternoon intensity. With this design, I wanted to capture the character's feelings of haste and panic during moments of action. By positioning them in dynamic movements, I aimed to convey a sense of urgency.
For the third and final scene, I envisioned a techinal glitch that has the time traveler cloned into four figures. Three of the clones mirroring each other while running, and the fourth clone sits nonchalantly on a car, scrolling through a phone. This glitch  heightens the sense of tension and suggests that the character may be attempting to escape from a time they had traveled to. The clone sitting on the car has the potential to raise questions.

By collaborating with the artist, experimenting, and focusing on key details from the EP's universe, my goal was to create visually compelling and thought-provoking artwork that would captivate the audience and enhance their connection to the music and its visual representation.

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  1. THE GREEN ROOM (2022).
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For this captivating living room project, our objective was to create a space that truly breathes – a 'living' room that merges the essence of the earthhome movement with the evergreen trend of terrariums..

The prominent use of soft, mossy grass on the floor and a single wall creates a striking visual display. Inspired by the earthhome movement, this unique design choice not only adds aesthetic appeal but also introduces a natural element that invites a breath of fresh air into the room.

ADditionally, The presence of live plants necessitates maintaining an appropriate level of humidity, which not only sustains their vitality but also contributes to the well-being of our skin.

In approaching the furniture and decor, I embraced a playful approach, aiming to infuse the space with a touch of unusual. By incorporating furniture pieces that intentionally deviate from traditional scale, we successfully soften the modern edges that can sometimes give a space an overly rigid appearance

A bold statement is made with a bolt as a coffee table, while a Sony PSP ingeniously serves as a home entertainment system, nestled upon a TV stand made from a clothing peg. This delightful interplay with scale injects a sense of lightheartedness, balancing the room's modern design elements with a touch of surrealism for character.

At the heart of the room, a succulent takes center stage on the coffee table, adding a natural focal point that harmonizes with the surrounding greenery. This subtle yet impactful addition underscores the room's connection to nature, further enhancing the overall ambiance.

In this miniature living room oasis, the design intelligently blends the earthhome movement with the allure of terrariums. Through the imaginative use of scale, natural elements, and thoughtfully curated decor, this space transcends the confines of modernity, embracing a captivating fusion of style and playfulness.

︎︎︎ Environment design
︎︎︎ Game design/Metaverse
︎︎︎ Furniture design
︎︎︎ Lighting


Amplifying Warmth: a Living Room in Nightstand

  1. view of the nightstand.
  2. view of living room with glass and usb above.
  3. Nightstand with bed and wall.
  4. close up of living room.

The nightstand features two stacked compartments, with a night light, phone, and headphones elegantly placed on the top surface. Its unique design showcases adjacent wooden sides forming the back and left side, while the front and right sides remain open. A glass panel divides the compartments, creating an intriguing aesthetic.

In the top compartment, you'll find a red notepad, insulation tape, an unplugged Google Home speaker, and a USB thumb-drive. These items, along with the night light, phone, and headphones, hint at the room owner's tech-savvy and youthful personality.

The central highlight of the room is the lower compartment of the nightstand. It showcases a miniature living room setup with a black leather couch beneath a captivating abstract painting. A black and white rectangular area rug cleverly incorporates a bolt as a center table, while an Eames molded plywood chair adds a unique touch.

Although there's no TV, a rectangular painting hangs on the left panel of the nightstand, resembling a flat screen TV. Two minimalist stick lamps illuminate the wall, accompanied by an African wooden bench adorned with tropical plants and a small spinning globe. While the absence of a traditional television provides room for the couple’s art collection.

On the right side of the room, the right open edge of the nightstand a marble base arch floor lamp, adorned with a sleek stainless steel dome lampshade overhanging the centre of the room above the Bolt table. The combination of materials and shapes allow the pieces not to fade into the dark room.

The Diorama compliments the air of luxury to of the room which features a life-sized bed with a rock as a headboard, dark bedding, large pillows. Positioned against a striking black and white geometrically patterned tiled wall that stretches from floor to ceiling. A warm brown wooden panel floor embracES the room.
With this miniature space my intention was to create a living room with a bold aesthetic, featuring black walls and floors. I applied thoughtful design and aimed to fill the space with a black couple who collect art as the clients in mind.

︎︎︎ Environment design
︎︎︎ Game design/Metaverse
︎︎︎ Furniture design
︎︎︎ Lighting