1. THE GREEN ROOM (2022).
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For this captivating living room project, our objective was to create a space that truly breathes – a 'living' room that merges the essence of the earthhome movement with the evergreen trend of terrariums..

The prominent use of soft, mossy grass on the floor and a single wall creates a striking visual display. Inspired by the earthhome movement, this unique design choice not only adds aesthetic appeal but also introduces a natural element that invites a breath of fresh air into the room.

ADditionally, The presence of live plants necessitates maintaining an appropriate level of humidity, which not only sustains their vitality but also contributes to the well-being of our skin.

In approaching the furniture and decor, I embraced a playful approach, aiming to infuse the space with a touch of unusual. By incorporating furniture pieces that intentionally deviate from traditional scale, we successfully soften the modern edges that can sometimes give a space an overly rigid appearance

A bold statement is made with a bolt as a coffee table, while a Sony PSP ingeniously serves as a home entertainment system, nestled upon a TV stand made from a clothing peg. This delightful interplay with scale injects a sense of lightheartedness, balancing the room's modern design elements with a touch of surrealism for character.

At the heart of the room, a succulent takes center stage on the coffee table, adding a natural focal point that harmonizes with the surrounding greenery. This subtle yet impactful addition underscores the room's connection to nature, further enhancing the overall ambiance.

In this miniature living room oasis, the design intelligently blends the earthhome movement with the allure of terrariums. Through the imaginative use of scale, natural elements, and thoughtfully curated decor, this space transcends the confines of modernity, embracing a captivating fusion of style and playfulness.

︎︎︎ Environment design
︎︎︎ Game design/Metaverse
︎︎︎ Furniture design
︎︎︎ Lighting