Amplifying Warmth: a Living Room in Nightstand

  1. view of the nightstand.
  2. view of living room with glass and usb above.
  3. Nightstand with bed and wall.
  4. close up of living room.

The nightstand features two stacked compartments, with a night light, phone, and headphones elegantly placed on the top surface. Its unique design showcases adjacent wooden sides forming the back and left side, while the front and right sides remain open. A glass panel divides the compartments, creating an intriguing aesthetic.

In the top compartment, you'll find a red notepad, insulation tape, an unplugged Google Home speaker, and a USB thumb-drive. These items, along with the night light, phone, and headphones, hint at the room owner's tech-savvy and youthful personality.

The central highlight of the room is the lower compartment of the nightstand. It showcases a miniature living room setup with a black leather couch beneath a captivating abstract painting. A black and white rectangular area rug cleverly incorporates a bolt as a center table, while an Eames molded plywood chair adds a unique touch.

Although there's no TV, a rectangular painting hangs on the left panel of the nightstand, resembling a flat screen TV. Two minimalist stick lamps illuminate the wall, accompanied by an African wooden bench adorned with tropical plants and a small spinning globe. While the absence of a traditional television provides room for the couple’s art collection.

On the right side of the room, the right open edge of the nightstand a marble base arch floor lamp, adorned with a sleek stainless steel dome lampshade overhanging the centre of the room above the Bolt table. The combination of materials and shapes allow the pieces not to fade into the dark room.

The Diorama compliments the air of luxury to of the room which features a life-sized bed with a rock as a headboard, dark bedding, large pillows. Positioned against a striking black and white geometrically patterned tiled wall that stretches from floor to ceiling. A warm brown wooden panel floor embracES the room.
With this miniature space my intention was to create a living room with a bold aesthetic, featuring black walls and floors. I applied thoughtful design and aimed to fill the space with a black couple who collect art as the clients in mind.

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